August 9, 2012

This week we celebrate National Health Center Week and its theme, “Powering Healthier Communities.” For more than 45 years, community health centers have delivered high-quality primary and preventive care to the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Powering Healthier Communities

Community health centers provide Oregonians with access to affordable, high-quality and cost-effective health care. They are economically and socially essential for all communities. Health centers:

  • Improve health
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency rooms visits

Improving Health Outcomes, Reducing Health Care Costs

Under the person-centered medical home model, called “Building Better Care,” under-served clients benefit from a team-based approach between patients and health care providers. By adopting this model, our clients have noticed improvements in their health outcomes, reduced hospital and inpatient admissions, and reduced overall health care costs.

Multnomah County Health Centers

Multnomah County Health Department is Oregon’s largest safety net medical provider for primary and dental care. We serve Oregon’s most populous county (more than 735,000 residents) at several locations with culturally appropriate and patient-centered care.

Our health centers provide:

  • Primary, dental and prenatal care
  • Disease management for chronic illnesses
  • Behavioral health
  • Family planning
  • Pharmacy
  • School-based health services for youth
  • Specialized care for HIV-positive individuals
  • Preventive services, such as well-child care, immunizations and nutrition

More Information

Multnomah County Health Department

426 SW Stark St, 8th Floor
Portland, OR 97204

503-988-3676 fax
1-877-735-7525 TDD