December 7, 2011

See what we accomplished in 2010 and 2011. Our annual report highlights just a few examples of the work and services that many people on the front lines and behind the scenes perform every day to help support a healthy Multnomah County. 

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  • Assure all individuals, families and communities gain greater  control over the factors that influence their health.
  • Improve the health of our diverse communities.
  • Be an adaptive, learning organization that serves as an effective  and accountable local public health authority and provider of community health services.


Link to and provide care

  • We enrolled more than 24,000 children in a fluoride program to prevent dental decay and improve oral health.
  • We served more than 71,000 clients with more than 360,000 visits in order to meet our community medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse needs.
  • We gave more than 25,000 immunizations to school-aged children to keep kids in school and prevent the spread of illnesses.
  • We conducted more than 1,800 HIV tests at community events to reach people who may not seek testing in a medical care setting. 
  • We made more than 30,000 home visits to pregnant and parenting families for screening, counseling and connections to other services to ensure healthy kids and healthy families.

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Mobilize community partnerships

  • We opened the Rockwood Community Health Center through a public-private partnership with CareOregon, in order to provide needed access to healthcare.
  • We developed and piloted the Equity and Empowerment Lens (racial justice focus) at the newly opened Rockwood Community Health Center to understand how equity and empowerment values and principles influence planning and how they can influence future decisions at the center.
  • We organized the Youth Violence Prevention Partnership to support youth, law enforcement and community-based organizations to build relationships and prevent youth violence before it starts.
  • We worked with community partners to get funding to improve incarcerated womens’ mental and physical health outcomes and opportunities for employment.
  • We received a $7.5 million grant to work with more than 25 community partners to prevent chronic disease.

Inform, educate and empower

  • We engaged 3,000 teens in 6 hours of pregnancy prevention and healthy relationship sessions.
  • We added peer support to help more than 31,000 clients maintain breastfeeding for a longer period to improve the health of moms, babies and families. 
  • We joined Text4Baby, an easy-to-access health information program that provides text messages to pregnant women to help them have a healthy pregnancy.

Ensure safety and enforce regulations

  • We inspected more than 12,500 restaurants, care facilities, child care centers and pools to ensure safety.
  • We issued more than 13,000 food handler cards to ensure safe food preparation.

Diagnosis and investigate health hazards

  • We reviewed more than 3,000 communicable disease reports and investigated more than 800 disease cases.
  • We reported on asthma, diabetes and food safety to help inform the community of current issues and health trends.

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