October 6, 2011

The places where we live, play and work matter to our health. We ranked 12 areas of Multnomah County to see how much their built environments support health. Check out the Built Environment Atlas to see how different parts of the county stack up.

What is the “built environment?”

All the changes that humans make to the landscape, or the way we design our communities. This includes streets, houses and parks.

Examples of built environment features:

In cities:

  • Tall buildings
  • Subways
  • Expressways
  • Airports
  • Open-air markets

In rural areas:

  • Small, winding roads
  • A general store
  • Rows of crops
  • Green pastures for animals

Get Rankings

Built Environment Atlas Built Environment Atlas: 2011 (4.27 MB)(PDF 4MB)

We mapped opportunities in Multnomah County for food, physical activity and transportation along with two important health issues: obesity and mortality (death rate).

How does place affect health?

Areas with many food, physical activity and transportation options promote health. It’s a lot easier to choose an active lifestyle and a healthy diet when the places where you spend your time encourage it. The atlas shows how some parts of Multnomah County have more choices than others.

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