October 12, 2017

nurse viewing a chest x-ray

Every clinic visit, every disease case tallied and every number has a story. A new report on the work of the Communicable Disease Services unit in 2016 gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the people behind the numbers, and the work they do every day.

The report provides information on reportable diseases and conditions seen in Multnomah County, including local outbreak investigations. It provides a look at some of the health challenges our community is seeing, and what we’re keeping a close eye on.

Spotting Trends, Protecting Health

Communicable Disease Services plays a key role in spotting disease trends in the community. They provide immunizations, conduct investigations into reportable diseases, and provide Multnomah County residents with tuberculosis screening and treatment. They also track new public health threats, like Zika virus, so that new diseases don’t gain a local foothold.

Communicable Disease Services Year in Review: 2016 (772.87 KB)
Communicable Disease Services Year in Review: 2015 (3.42 MB)