Debra Lee Ingram, award winner
Debra Lee Ingram, president of Leisure Hour Junior Golf Club

In past years, Multnomah County has celebrated our community’s public health heroes to recognize leaders and organizations in our community who support and promote public health. This celebration was held to during National Public Health Week, which is the first week of April.

This year, the Health Department will not be hosting a Public Health Heroes Celebration. Instead, on April 5 the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners will make a proclamation honoring our community's public health workers and advocates. We will also celebrate the launch of the Community-Powered Change campaign for health equity.

The public is invited to attend this special time of recognition.

When: Thursday April 5, 2018 at 9:30 AM 

What is Public Health?

Public health is the art and science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and research for disease and injury prevention. Public health works to prevent health problems before they occur, maintaining a focus on an entire community rather than on an individual.

2016 Award Winners

This year we honored all volunteers who serve on Health Department-sponsored committees, advisory boards and councils.

Community Budget Advisory Committee
Helps to ensure that the Health Department’s financial investments align with its mission and strategic priorities.

Community Health Council
Provides leadership and governance for the county's community health centers, including primary care, dental, early childhood services, school-based health centers and pharmacy services.

Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Advisory Council
Makes recommendations to the county’s Mental Health and Addiction Services Division on the adult system of care. Ensures that consumers and their families have input on available mental health and addiction services.

Multnomah County Public Health Advisory Board
Provides broad stakeholder input from a variety of community sectors on work related to reducing health inequities and improving population health in Multnomah County.

Nurse Family Partnership Advisory Council
Seeks to capture the voice and experience of clients and community partners in order to help the Health Department with Nurse Family Partnership enrollment efforts, referrals and stakeholder engagement.

Healthy Birth Initiative Community Action Network
Builds on community assets to reduce social and life-course problems that contribute to poor birth outcomes and infant mortality within the African American community.

ACHIEVE Coalition
ACHIEVE stands for Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental Change. Conducts community assessments to help improve health equity through policy implementation. Focuses on tobacco education, nutrition policies, affordability and access to healthy food, and encourages physical fitness.

Vector Control and Code Enforcement Advisory Committee
Provides recommendations to the Health Department's Vector Control and Code Enforcement programs.

Food Service Advisory Committee
Works to assist, advise, and foster collaboration with the Health Department and Board of County Commissioners on food-related matters that affect the dining public, food service providers, and the restaurant industry.

HIV Services Planning Council
Dedicated to improving the quality of life for those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, and to ensuring that members of our community play lead roles in planning and assessing HIV resources.

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