June 25, 2015

Swimming and splashing are great ways to cool off during this heat wave. But water can quickly become dangerous. The U.S. Coast Guard and the American Red Cross advise:

  • Swim in designated areas that are supervised by a lifeguard.

  • Swim with a buddy -- never alone.

  • Teach children to ALWAYS ask permission to go in the water.

  • Never leave children unsupervised in or near the water, even for a minute.

  • Wear a life jacket when swimming anywhere without lifeguards or whenever you boat, jet ski, go tubing, rafting, or engage in other water sports

  • Inflatable toys and mattresses will not keep children safe. By law, children ages 12 or younger must wear a U.S. Coast Guard- approved life jacket or vest on all vessels 18 feet or shorter.

  • Don’t drink or drug when swimming or boating.

  • Don’t dive into shallow water or unfamiliar swimming holes.