Talking about HIV, STDs and Hepatitis

Talking about sex, drug use, and preventing diseases with a current or future sex/drug use partner is important for making informed choices. To start a conversation, consider asking questions or sharing information. Some questions to ask might be:

  • Have you been tested for HIV, hepatitis C or STDs?
  • What is your status?
  • Do you (or do you plan to) have sex or use drugs outside of our relationship?
  • What do you think about condoms, birth control or using sterile drug gear?

Sharing information about your HIV, hepatitis or STD status can also open the door for talking. Examples:

  • “I tested positive for hepatitis C years ago. I don’t want to give it to you so we need to use our own gear.”
  • “I got tested for HIV and other STDs and am negative. I want to stay that way so let’s talk about condoms.”

It’s best to be alcohol- and drug-free and have some privacy to talk. If you feel it might be unsafe to talk directly to partners or you need support, call 503-223-AIDS to talk to a trained counselor. 

Telling your partner(s) you have HIV or another STD

If you have HIV or another STD and need to notify your partner, there are options:

  • Tell them yourself. We can help and support you. Tell them in person, by email (with or without your name) at inSPOT, or another way that works for you.
  • Have us tell them. We NEVER give out names or identifying information about you. Our staff help your partner(s) get tested, treated, and answer questions about their health. Call 503-988-3780 and ask to speak to a Health Department disease intervention specialist.

HIV Resources

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