Homeownership can be both a blessing and a burden, particularly in this economy. Whether you are stably employed or currently with out work, there are resources available to assist with making the financial responsibilities if homeownership more manageable.

The Obama administration's Making Home Affordable Program is one such resource. It is part of a plan to help struggling homeowners evade foreclosure while stabilizing the country's housing market as well as the economy.

With over ten different programs, there is an option for nearly everyone. Each program helps homeowners lower their mortgage payments and find stable loans at low rates. Even when homeownership is no longer realistic or affordable, MHAP will find a way to help owners avoid foreclosure.

If you are struggling with your mortgage or have been unemployed for months, people can and are willing to help. There are many people struggling in our country today, you are not alone. The Making Home Affordable Program wants to help those who are struggling in order to make our country a better place.