With millions of people out of work, many people are desperate for even the simplest of job opportunities. While there are people in need of work, there are also those who want to scam and cheat their way into money. With the help of Twitter these job scammer's jobs have been made even easier.

Work at home schemes have always preyed upon vulnerable job hunters, but now Twitter is opening doors for scammers to an infinite number of victims. Through different forms of online contact, job hunters are being told they can make lots of money working from home on Twitter.

One scam is an email that links to the website www.easytweetprofits.com, claiming to be a company based out of Surrey, England. The company says you can make $250 to $873 a day working at home with twitter. It then offers a seven day free CD Rom trial, but hidden in the terms and conditions, is that the trial starts when the CD is ordered, not when it is received. Then if the trial is not cancelled within the first seven days, the consumer is charged $47 a month.

There are many different scams going on but they all do have things in common that will save you from being conned. For starters the scammer's email that you receive will have lots of spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you never accept a job that you must pay the employer up front, especially if they require you to wire them the money. Another hint is the employer may ask for your personal and bank account information. Do your best to avoid any job opportunities that show these signs.

Although many people are out of work and are willing to take up any opportunity, be careful, because one bad decision can leave you that much worse off. Double check any job opportunity that seems too good to be true, since chances are it is a scam.