This proposal provides the county with trained mental health professionals available to provide timely, evidenced based mental health treatment for children exposed to trauma resulting from child sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, exposure to domestic violence, or exposure to critical incidents (e.g. witness to murder).

Budget Range: $500k - 1 million

Status: Partially implemented
The last week of February 2009 Child Welfare sponsored the "Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit" from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. This work launched the County (Child Welfare, CARES, and Children's Mental Health) into further planning and discussion leading up to an August 27, 2009 meeting with County service providers. Also, after receiving funding from Washington County to provide specialized training to staff in trauma-focused services, the Morrison Center has submitted a written proposal to Multnomah County to provide a similar training to current Multnomah County service providers; the County is still reviewing this proposal to determine feasibility. Generally, mental health services for children exposed to trauma are fairly limited; although a few nonprofits have developed trauma-focused children’s mental health services (e.g., Children’s Relief Nursery, Listen To Kids) and a few staff in County Mental Health Services have this expertise (such as the Family Support Team and mental health consultants with CARES), the issue is not yet embedded as an institutional resource.

Last updated September 2009