The LPSCC Executive Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 1, from 7:30-9:00 AM in room 315 of the Multnomah Building (501 SE Hawthorne).

The agenda is attached.

The Communications Committee will share materials developed as part of LPSCC's communications plan.

LPSCC staff will introduce an updated Public Safety Brief.

Elizabeth Drake, from the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, will be speaking on a cost-benefit approach to budgeting. You may view and download the report, "Return on Investment: Evidence-Based Options to Improve Statewide Outcomes," here.

Scott Taylor will request LPSCC Executive Committee approval of DCJ's County Community Corrections Plan. The plan and associated documents are attached.

Please note that in accordance with Multnomah County's Green Meeting guidelines, and per the recommendations of the LPSCC Communications Subcommittee, LPSCC is seeking to reduce the amount of waste it generates while continuing to make its meetings accessible and convenient to all attendees. If possible, review materials in advance of the meeting. An agenda will be displayed at the meeting, so it is not necessary to print individual copies. However, if you require individual hard copies of any documents, LPSCC staff will be happy to provide them - just let us know in advance. Thank you for your patience and support as we strive to be as efficient as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact LPSCC staff at 503-988-5659. 

LPSCC Executive Committee November 1, 2011 - Associated Documents