The sub-acute facility is a 16-bed facility offering short-term mental health treatment in a secure locked environment to approximately 600 individuals per year. Facility staffing includes physical and mental health professionals. Triage services in the proposed budgets are limited to the needs of the facility.

Budget Range: $2 - 5 million

Status: Will be implemented; estimated completion date in early 2011
The 16-bed facility will offer short-term mental health treatment and stabilization for persons in acute mental health crisis in a secure locked environment as a lower cost alternative to hospitalization. Clients enter only if referred by the police, other emergency responders and the County mental health crisis services; clients must also be residents of Multnomah County. The sub-acute center will be housed in the Hooper Center, the current site of the detoxification center that will be moved to the nearby Ramada Inn in spring of 2010 (estimated). Although the 16 beds might not meet the needs of the entire community, the small size allows the center to retain its status as a non-hospital facility.

Last updated September 2009