DSS-J was developed ten years ago using state-of-the-art technology and tools. At the time, DSS-J was envisioned to be the first of many data warehouses to fill research and reporting needs. Since that time, some of the County priorities and strategies have been modified and plans have changed. With the development of a Strategic Action Plan for DSS-J, there is an opportunity to review the DSS-J technology platform and plan for its future to ensure that DSS-J is able to meet the business needs of the users with cost-effective and stable solutions.

There are two major reasons why this review and assessment should be done as part of DSS-J’s strategic planning process. First, strategic planning may identify new capabilities, options and uses for the DSS-J data and system. There is no guarantee that the current technology platform will support this new or modified vision, or that it will be able to provide the services at an acceptable cost. Secondly, the uniqueness of the DSS-J technology platform is resulting in rapidly escalating costs of operation. Ten years ago, other applications used this same technology, so the operational costs could be shared. Those applications have been steadily moving to other technologies, leaving DSS-J as the sole application remaining – with no one to share in the operational costs. Each year, licensing and support costs rise and DSS-J bears all of those increased costs.


Critically assess the DSS-J technology platform with an eye to the expanding and changing business needs, technology options and cost control requirements. Based on that assessment, recommend an appropriate “toolset” to ensure that DSS-J keeps pace with the LPSCC strategic goals.
Lead: County IT