This project would provide victims of crime in Multnomah County with a meaningful role in the criminal justice system by providing additional victim advocates to the District Attorneys Office, at levels approaching those recommended by the Oregon Department of Justice and the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators.

Budget Range: $500k - 1 million

Status: Not implemented
The current budget crisis has required the DA's office to focus its efforts on staff and program retention rather than expansion, and as a result, minimal progress has been made on significantly increasing the number of Victim Advocates in the County. The DA's office will lose a United Way Grant (expiring at the end of June 2009) that funded a 0.5 FTE Victim Advocate at the Domestic Violence One-Stop; however, the City of Portland has agreed to fund a full FTE Victim Advocate, leading to a net gain of 0.5 FTE at the One Stop Center. The office has applied for two grants to fund Victim Advocates, but will not know if the applications have been accepted until later this year.

Last updated September 2009