It's a weekend in November and Julia's hard at work. Sitting in the box office at a Regal Cinema, she greets customers one by one as they line up to see the latest showings.

Julia's at home here--she says movies are one of her greatest passions. "I love movies and the cash is a good bonus," she says.

But it took a while for her to get here. Not too long ago, Julia was struggling with depression and her symptoms were getting worse. She had just finished her junior year of high school and she was starting to experience hallucinations. Sometimes, the symptoms were so bad that she couldn't get out of bed.

That's when her therapist suggested she get in touch with the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA). EASA is an early intervention program helping young people experiencing the first symptoms of psychosis. The EASA team works with clients to develop person-centered plans that include mental health care, educational support and job help. 

Julia enrolled in EASA and started getting help. Soon, she began meeting with Tosha Bock, an EASA Supported Employment Specialist. Together they explored her interests and different job ideas. They talked steps towards securing a job.

With Tosha's help, Julia created a resume and practiced her interview skills. Julia didn't have any work experience. But with college just around to corner, she wanted to save money and become more independent. 

Her practice paid off. After a short while, she landed a part time position at Regal Cinema. Soon after, her supervisors offered her full time hours. 

Tosha wasn't surprised. That's because she's seen Julia's hard work firsthand. "It's been a real pleasure getting to know Julia," Tosha says. " She is a brilliant young woman with a great personality. Her devotion to helping others and positive outlook are very inspiring. 

Today, Julia loves working at the box office. She's also making friends at work and feels more independent every day.  "Work has given me a purpose outside of school," she says.

And when Julia faces the occasional challenge, she works with Bock to break it down into smaller goals. "Tosha still helps me when I struggle with issues at work since it’s my first job," she says. "I know I can always get help from the EASA team."

Looking forward, Julia plants to enroll in college and start a career in education. She's already applied to a local university and hopes to begin classes next fall. 

Julia's success story is one of many for EASA clients. And Tosha looks forward to watching her continue to grow.

"Julia is working hard with the EASA team so she can succeed in school, at work, and in her personal life," Tosha says. "I look forward to seeing her go on to college and begin her career within education."