Food Action Plan Cover Page and Tomato Plant

With the   Multnomah Food Action Plan (2.27 MB) our community embarks on a 15-year journey of strategic alignment, clear goals, and collaborative actions that will leverage results. Some changes will come easily, but others will present serious challenges and difficult decisions. To truly achieve a local, healthy, equitable, and regionally prosperous food system we need to accelerate education, community empowerment, planning integration, policy prioritization, and investment in our food system – in other words, we need to cultivate a culture that values and is committed to sustainable food system outcomes. The Multnomah Food Action Plan presents an opportunity for our community to collaborate, plan, and invest wisely on community-prioritized goals and actions. Working together we can overcome barriers, forge new partnerships, enact new policies, and raise awareness so that it will be easy for families to choose healthy and regionally-produced food.  

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