Portland/Multnomah Climate Action Plan

City of Portland Community Engagement Report

City of Portland Peak Oil Task Force Briefing Book

The Diggable City- Phase 1

The Diggable City- Phase 2

The Diggable City- Phase 3

Local Lunches: Planning for Local Produce in Public Schools

     Part 1

     Part 2

The Spork Report – Increasing the supply and consumption of local foods in Portland Public Schools

Barriers and Opportunities to the use of regional and sustainable food products by local institutions

Multnomah County Health Equity Initiative

Multnomah County Voices of Equity Appendix A

Planting Prosperity and Harvesting Health: Trade-offs and sustainability in the Oregon-Washington regional food system

Foodability: Visioning for Healthful Food Access in Portland

Everyone Eats!: A community food assessment for areas of North and Northeast Portland

Case Studies of Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture: Portland,OR

Food in the Public Interest- New York

Case Studies

MFI Steering Committee Documents