The Multnomah Food Initiative began as an innovative partnership between community organizations, businesses, and local governments to promote a more sustainable, equitable and healthy local food system. The result is the Multnomah Food Action Plan - a collaborative community-based plan to encourage and guide sustainable food system changes through 2025.

Working together, a network of over 200 diverse food system stakeholders overcame barriers, forged new partnerships, and began enacting new policies, and continue to raise awareness so that it will be easy for families to choose healthy and regionally-produced food. The Multnomah Food Initiative developed our region's first strategic plan around food. The Multnomah Food Action Plan is designed as a tool to help focus community's resources and efforts on community-established priorities so that our region plans and invests wisely. The Plan presents an opportunity for our community to collaborate, plan and invest wisely on community-prioritized goals and actions. We invite you to imagine what a local, healthy, equitable, and regionally prosperous food system economy could look like in the year 2025.

The Multnomah Food Action Plan is available to read and download on

Visit our new website to view the Plan and Executive Summary and sign the online Declaration of Support. 

The time has come to join together in creating a local, healthy, equitable and regionally prosperous food system. Multnomah County, like most of the nation, is at a critical juncture in fixing its food system. The good news is that there is a role for every organization and every person to transform our food system. Collectively, we can accomplish more together than we ever could alone.

Current regulations, policies, market structures and the lack of investment and political mandate limit our opportunities to improve our food system. With collaborative effort we can overcome these barriers, forge new partnerships, identify shared goals and commit to action.

The Multnomah Food Action Plan builds upon the existing work of the community by providing a roadmap with a shared community vision and shared goals. This Plan is also a call to action and identifies key collaborative actions for our community that are critical for achieving our goals.

It has become evident the hidden costs of our broken food system are soaring. Health impacts and costs due to the ‘western diet’ are at a crisis level, the poor have few healthful food options in their communities, and the industrial food model has undermined local food system jobs. 

Comprehensive information on the Multnomah Food Initiative and Multnomah Food Action Plan can be found at 

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