Multnomah Food Action Plan Declaration of Support

A vibrant and diverse local food system is an integral component of a sustainable and resilient community. Food is a basic necessity, a celebration, and a powerful medium through which healthy, socially equitable and prosperous communities can be created. All stakeholders have a voice in the future of our food system --- every eater, backyard gardener, urban and rural farmer, food processor and distributor, emergency food provider, restaurant, grocer, and market vendor. It is critical that we combine efforts among stakeholders through collaborative action to make effective change in food system policy, practice, and programs.

By 2025, we envision a thriving regional food system that engages the community in healthy food production, equitable food access, opportunities for collaboration, low environmental impact, living wages and local economic vitality for Multnomah County and its people.

Therefore, We Believe:

1. All people in our community should have equitable access to buy or grow healthy, culturally appropriate, sustainable, and locally grown food

2. Food and agriculture are central to the economy of our region, and a strong commitment should be made to the protection, growth, and development of these sectors

3. In promoting and supporting a food system that provides economically sustainable wages

4. It is important to educate the community of the value of a healthy food system and healthy food products

5. That success in developing, linking, and strengthening our entire food system will be achieved through community partnerships and collaboration

6. Food brings us together in celebration of our community and is an important part of our region’s culture

We, the undersigned, support the vision and principles of the Multnomah Food Action Plan, through practice, policy, and planning; and in implementing actions to advance a sustainable food system that is local, healthy, equitable, and prosperous for our region.

Organizations and individuals signing this declaration of support will be publicly listed

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