Eagle Creek Fire residents advised of landslide risk as heavy rain approaches

October 20, 2017

Multnomah County Emergency Management has been working closely with the Sheriff's Office, National Weather Service, U.S. Forest Service and others on the Eagle Creek Fire and related activities.  

A shared concern has been that after a significant fire like Eagle Creek, the likelihood of landslides, mudslides, flash floods, and debris flows rises.  Most of these risks are brought on by heavy rains after such a fire. The county has been working together to deliver this message to the community.  

Heavy rain forecast throughout the Gorge the next few days have caused the County to accelerate that notification. Tonight, Emergency Management, volunteers from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue and Citizen Patrol will go door-to-door in the Warrendale, Dodson, Latourell and Bridal Veil communities with helpful protective action information.

The packets on the links below include steps that people can take to sign up for alerts, determine when conditions are changing, and when flooding is probable. The information being provided is attached below and includes everything from a cover letter to protective action information.

“Sharing information to ensure the safety of our communities is top priority,” says Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann, who represents East County, “My staff will join the effort tonight and I thank all the volunteers and staff who are working to get this important information out to the public.”

A letter from Multnomah County Emergency Management to homeowners in areas impacted by the Eagle Creek Fire (145.56 KB)

A homeowner’s guide to landslides (3.27 MB)

How to sign up to receive emergency alerts (109.3 KB)

Firewise guide to landscape and construction (326.69 KB)

Prepare: A resource guide from the American Red Cross Cascades Region (1008.91 KB)