This award highlights the positive impact youth have on their community, in memory of Jennifer Beegle a former member of the Youth Commission, who died in a car accident when she was 17.

This award is focused on youth who volunteer in community-based agencies, local governments or places of worship, not for school involvement (i.e. drama club, student government).

To nominate someone online, fill out the form below. The  Jennifer Beegle Award Nomination Form - Due March 2, 2017. (305.98 KB) is also available to fill out and submit.

Nominations are due Friday, March 2, 2017.

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Why do you think this youth deserves the Youth Involvement Award? Please specifically address one or more of the following areas:

  • Service- duration, energy, and commitment
  • Leadership- does the young person lead others, take initiative, hold a leadership position within your agency?
  • Impact— has the youth’s involvement led to any measurable changes in your agency or community?

Please provide details of the nominee’s service that are particularly worthy of recognition. What project or program does s/he volunteer with?

This award is in memory of Jennifer Beegle, a dedicated young woman who was a strong advocate and civic leader despite struggling with the burdens of poverty. Has the young person you are nominating overcome any barriers or struggles to achieve their accomplishments?

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