January 8, 2014

Approximately 45 people attended the orientation for Citizen Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) members on January 7th. The CBAC members are from the public and have no connection financially to the county. They serve on nine committees that will make recommendations to the board of county commissioners about funding next year for programs in major departments and offices. Between now and April the CBACs will meet multiple times to hear presentations and ask questions of department directors and program managers. They will present their budget recommendations in April and May byway of written reports as well as presentations during board meetings.  

During the orientation, members learned about the important role they play in the budget process, questions to ask county staff they meet with, the budget process and timeline, as well as the budget forecast for the upcoming year. County Chair Marissa Madrigal kicked off the training by describing the importance of the CBACs and welcoming the members. She was followed with presentations by County Auditor Steve March, Budget Director Karyne Kieta, Economist Mike Jaspin, and CBAC program manager Jim Lasher. 

Learn more about the CBACs and read their reports from last year.