May 24, 2013

The HIV Services Planning Council met May 8 to plan for service category allocations in the event that the Portland TGA receives less funding than last year. These decisions affect funding for the present grant year that began March 1, 2013.

We have not yet received the Notice of Grant Award for this year. We developed contracts based on receiving the same amount this year as last year, or "flat funding." Due to sequestration, we are now assuming that the grant award will be decreased.

Our best guess is that the funding will decrease by at least 5%. Previously, council gave guidance for a decrease of up to 3%. Last evening, they provided direction for a potentially larger decrease.

Please note that any council guidance that directs the grantee to make decreases “across the board" refers to the service categories, not to specific contractors.

Council Decisions:

For the first 1.2% decrease – Take out of funds that are not yet in contracts. Those funds are in the service categories of mental health and substance abuse.

Up to a 5% decrease - The remaining decreases would be taken proportionately (across the board) from all service categories.

> 5% decrease - Medical case management (including Minority AIDS Initiative funded services), early intervention services and housing would be decreased less than other categories. 

We had hoped to know our grant award by now. It could still be several weeks before we know. We will let you all know as soon as we have any further information. 

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