Thank you for your interest in educating your community about COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. This curriculum is designed to be used by those who do culturally or population specific work in the community (community health workers, home visitors,patient navigators, peer support specialists, etc.).

What Is Popular Education?

The curriculum uses popular education. Popular education is a way of educating and organizing that has been used all over the world to promote social justice, equity and shared decision making. It honors the lived experience and wisdom of the participants.

Popular education seeks to create an atmosphere of trust so that people can feel comfortable sharing their ideas and experiences and learn from one another. More about popular education»

How to Use the Curriculum

The curriculum uses interactive activities that get everyone moving around the room. We recommend using a space that is large enough for everyone to sit in a “u” shape.

The Powerpoint slides include detailed information about COVID-19 section. Even if you don’t consider yourself a communicable disease expert, you can still lead this workshop! We also encourage you to adapt any of the activities to make them relevant to your audience.

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Coronavirus 101 Lesson Plan (102.84 KB)

CDC Handwashing Posters (PDF)
Epidemic Cards (1.95 MB)
Calling In With Care (26.42 KB)
Actions I Can Take (10.27 KB)

Coronavirus Information Community Flyer (783.78 KB)