Updated Sept. 28, 2020

Oregon has begun lifting restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of its three-phase Reopening Oregon plan. Multnomah County entered Phase 1 reopening June 19, and will remain there, along with neighboring Washington and Clackamas counties, until public health indicators suggest it is time to enter Phase II.

Multnomah County announced on July 7 that it is continuing in Phase I indefinitely to protect public health. In a statement, Chair Deborah Kafoury said: “We want to move cautiously toward reopening to avoid taking one step forward only to be forced to take two steps back. Phase II is a big step toward business as usual, and the virus is not sufficiently contained to allow us to take that step. Slow and steady will win this race.”

To view each county’s progress on meeting criteria for entering Phase 2, visit the website: Oregon Health Authority Reopening Framework

To track metrics required for reopening schools to in-person learning, visit the Oregon Department of Education website on health and safety or check out the data dashboard to drill down by county.

Phase I Reports

Below are former reports on Multnomah County’s progress toward meeting criteria for Phase 1.