The Citizen Involvement Committee was established by Multnomah County Charter to  develop and maintain citizen involvement programs and procedures for the purpose of facilitating direct communication between the citizens and the board of county commissioners. It engages in ongoing study and discussion of the county’s priorities, programs, and procedures, including the county budget process. It shares information from the county regarding programs and services, and makes recommendations to the Board and departments. Its meetings are open to the public.

Topics of the January 4th meeting may include:

  • Report from the CIC budget advisory process subcommittee and appointment of a Central Citizen Budget Advisory Committee chair
  • Review and approval of materials related to hire of a CIC Executive Director
  • Consideration and potential action to change the word “citizen” in “Office of Citizen Involvement” and the “Citizen Involvement Committee.”

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Any questions can be directed to the Office of Citizen Involvement at 503-988-3450

CIC Agenda January 4, 2017 (91.67 KB)