July 29, 2014

Kenton Farmers MarketCampaign at Gresham Saturday Market.Lents FMIn its fifth year, CIC members and staff attended public events throughout the county to talk with people about what the county does, answer questions and provide information about services and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, this year we asked people for comments or concerns they have with the county which we will then pass on to program managers. Public events provide an avenue to reach residents who are not already involved with county affairs. Event attendees frequently don’t know the county exists or what programs and services the county provides, much less how to engage with county government.

This year we attended 10 events. We had meaningful conversations with 246 people and 85 volunteer interest forms were submitted. The events attended included:

  • Wood Village National Night Out (Friday, 7/18)
  • Gresham Saturday Market (Saturday, 7/19)
  • Southeast Sunday Parkways (Sunday, 8/24)
  • Volunteer Expo 2014 in Pioneer Square (Friday, 9/5)
  • Kenton Farmers Market (Friday, 9/12)
  • Hillsdale Farmers Market (Sunday, 9/14)
  • St. Johns Farmers Market (Saturday, 9/20)
  • King Farmers Market (Sunday, 9/21)
  • Age-Friendly Initiative event (Tuesday, 9/23)
  • Lents International Farmers Market (Sunday, 10/5)

Since the program began, CIC members and staff have engaged in discussions with 996 people at 50 events. In addition, 435 people have requested additional information about county programs and volunteer opportunities. Many new members for various advisory committees have also been recruited. Beyond staff time, the costs are minimal. Volunteers enrich this program—from committee members who attend events to talk about their engagement to event managers who voluntarily provide table space at no charge. The campaign was recognized  with an Achievement Award at the 2013 National Association of Counties Conference. 

Please contact us if you have additional ideas for meetings or events that you would like us to attend.