May 11, 2011

The county Board of Commissioners are holding several work sessions on the budget proposed for 2011-12 by County Chair Jeff Cogen. During the work sessions, the directors of county departments/offices as well as the respective Citizen Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs) provide testimony about their recommendations to the Board concerning the proposed budget. The work sessions run through May 26th.

Although no public testimony is taken, the public is invited to attend the work sessions and listen to the recommendations made by the CBACs. You can also stream the live work sessions online ( or watch them on public access television.

Read the CBAC recommendation reports at:

Learn more about the the work sessions and see a schedule at:

Consider attending a public budget hearing if you would like to comment and offer your concerns about the county's proposed budget. The hearings allow you to provide your opinions to the entire Board of County Commissioners!  Three hearing will take place during May 2011. Learn more at: