October 28, 2011

The CIC held not just one but two workshops at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference on Tuesday, October 25th. The workshops were entitled Strengthening Foundations of Community Partnerships–Why and How it’s Done!  They attracted 138 attendees, six great panelists who made presentations, and jump-started new collaborative partnerships among government and community organizations! The workshop's main goal was to focus on how government organizations could maximize and leverage resources to conduct outreach to diverse communities using collaborations and partnerships. The workshop started with presentations by the panelists followed by an opportunity for the attendees to "collabro-date" with each other in order to develop new collaborations and partnerships.

Click the document below to see summaries of the points made by panelists about building successful partnerships and collaborations that can further outreach to diverse communities.

Special thanks to the following CIC members: Gary Marschke who moderated the panel, and Steven Joiner and  Shalonda Menefee who were facilitators. Additionally, thanks to all the panelists who included:

  • Cynthia Gomez, Latino Network
  • Sean Suib, New Avenues for Youth
  • Holly Whittleson, SE Works
  • Shalonda Menefee, PCRI
  • Ebony Lawrence, OHSU
  • Rebecca Black, Oregon Outreach

CIC Diversity Workshop Panelist Summaries