November 5, 2010

The CIC held a workshop at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference on Tuesday, November 2nd, entitled Strengthening Community Partnerships–Why and How it’s Done!  It attracted 125 attendees, six great panelists who made presentations, and jump started new partnerships among government and community organizations! In this era of deep budget cuts, the workshop’s objective was to identify strategies focused on obtaining and leveraging community collaborations to maximize resources directed to the most vulnerable populations. The workshop started with presentations by the panelists followed by an opportunity for the panelists and attendees to mingle and identify, develop, and utilize creative collaborations. Read a short summary CIC Diversity Workshop Panelist Summaries (41.61 KB) of some of the presentations made by panelists.

Ideas panelists suggested (among others) for increasing collaborative relationships included:

  • diversifying an organization’s Board of Directors to attract a broader range of  interests and resources;
  • actively seeking out organizations with similar missions to team up and tackle projects with;
  • using topic summits to encourage different organizations to coalesce around certain issues;
  • focusing on working with the faith community to provide needed resources for vulnerable populations (i.e., churches provide space for homeless youth). 

Special thanks to the following CIC members: Gary Marschke who moderated the panel, and B.J. Finleybranch and Shalonda Menefee who were facilitators. Additionally, thanks to all the panelists who included:

  • Deborah Turner, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI)
  • Midge Purcell, Urban League
  • Polo Catalani, New Portlander Programs, Portland Office of Human Relations
  • John Duke, Outside In
  • Vicki Hersen, Elders in Action
  • Sherrie Smith, Community Energy Project