October 11, 2010

Our attendance at 11 events and continual improvements to our new online volunteer database resulted in over 100 new applications since late May from potential volunteers for various Multnomah County committees and programs. 

Equally important as each new application was the educational opportunity we had to talk to many more citizens about who the county is and what it does! Thanks to all the farmers markets and event organizers throughout Multnomah County who hosted us including:

  • East Portland Exposition
  • Fairview Open Air Market
  • Gresham Farmers’ Market
  • Hillsdale Farmers’ Market
  • King Farmers’ Market
  • NW 23rd Farmers’ Market
  • Portland International District Day Festival
  • PSU Farmers’ Market
  • Q=Mob Portland Meeting
  • St. John’s Farmers’ Market
  • Troutdale Open Air Market

Additionally, special thanks to all the CIC and CBAC members who came out to help us talk to citizens—including Gary Marschke, Sue O'Halloran, Brad McLean, Amy Anderson, Teresa Walton, Pauline Duffy, and Becca Parker—and Multnomah County’s mascot Multy!