October 31, 2012

The CIC held its annual workshop at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference on October 30th. It covered forming strong inclusive and multicultural partnerships, and built in time for attendees to network. The workshop attracted over 80 people, included presentations from three panelists, and jump-started dozens of new collaborative partnerships among government organizations!

The workshop's main objective was to explore how governments can form partnerships that maximize inclusion and multiculturalism, and then conduct outreach and deliver services to clients over time. The workshop started with presentations by the panelists followed by an opportunity for the attendees to "collabro-date" with each other in order to develop new partnerships and collaborations.

"Attend" the workshop by checking out this memo which summarizes the panelists' major points and suggestions about building successful inclusive and multicultural partnerships.  Summary of panelist presentations (32.26 KB)

Thanks to CIC members Gary Marschke and Tonya Betcher who facilitated the workshop. Additionally, special thanks to the panelists:

  • Shawn DeCarlo, Oregon Food Bank
  • Tonisha Toler, Regional Arts & Culture Commission (RACC)
  • Serena Stoudamire Wesley, Coalition of Communities of Color

You can also learn more about the CIC's Diversity Outreach Workshop Initiative here.