July 17, 2013

The Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) of Multnomah County, winner of six national awards, and a Multnomah County Partnership Award held its first meeting with its newly elected officers on Tuesday, July 16th. Sue O’Halloran, who was elected to her first term as CIC Chair, presided over the meeting. She holds a District #4 position on the committee. Others taking up leadership roles for next year include: Teresa Walton, Vice-Chair (District #3); Steven Joiner, Treasurer (District #2); and Scott Kuyper, Secretary (District #2).

“Multnomah County citizens are fortunate in having active and effective involvement in their county through the CIC,” said Chair O’Halloran. “The citizen-run CIC offers opportunities for community members to bring their thoughts and perspectives to county services, policies, and budgets that affect their lives.”

The committee, which was created by the voters in 1984, is an all-volunteer Board that oversees Multnomah County’s Office of Citizen Involvement and works with county officials, departments, and the community to facilitate and enhance opportunities for citizen participation. The committee is composed of 15 citizen volunteers, 12 from specific geographic districts, and three at-large. For more information or to apply for membership contact the Office of Citizen Involvement at 503-988-3450 or visit the website at http://www.citizenweb.org.