June 12, 2014

Wide shotThe Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) held its annual celebration dinner on Wednesday, June 11 with approximately 60 people in attendance. The dinner honors community members who have dedicated their time and energy to serve on the CIC and Citizen Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs), and those who have extensively supported the efforts of these committees. 

Dinner tableThe dinner was held at the Kennedy School in NE Portland in a larger room this year to accommodate the crowd which has grown from past years. Following a dinner of tacos, the event's program began. CIC Chair Sue O'Halloran presented Public Service Awards to recognize the outstanding contributions of CIC and CBAC volunteers, as well as Public Support Awards to recognize people who have gone beyond the call of duty to support citizen involvement committees (see the list of awardees below). The 7th annual Sy Award was then presented to a county employee or community member who's longtime actions have furthered the voice of underserved and under-represented county citizens. The 2014 winner is Jenn Burleton who leads the TransActive Gender Center. Meet Jenn.

The CIC officers for FY 2014-15 were also announced. They are Sue O'Halloran, Chair; Teresa Walton, Vice-Chair; Steven Joiner, Treasurer; and Scott Kuyper, Secretary.

Public Support Awardees 

Public Support Awards to Volunteers and Community Members

Sherry Willmschen
David Torrey
Oscar Andrino
Kelly House
Megan Brown
LeRoy Patton
Anne Rutherford

Public Support Awards to Government Employees
Sheriff Staton
Board Clerk's Office
Grace Neal
Shawn Postera 
Auditor Steve March