March 5, 2012

Currently, there's a $3.5 million gap between ongoing revenues and expenses for next year’s budget, but this may increase depending on the State’s budget. All county programs and services may be affected by reductions as the Chair and the Board of County Commissioners make decisions about how to allocate the budget to best carry out the county's mission. 

Give your input to the board about prioritizing funding for county services and programs by taking this brief survey. The survey consists of two questions—one quantitative that asks respondents to rank the county services most important to them and one qualitative that asks them to describe which features they most value about the services they select. The survey is also available in Spanish or on paper by contacting 503-988-3450. 

The last date to take the survey is April 30, 2012. Survey results will be analyzed and delivered to each county commissioner. Click here to see the report analyzing the results of last year's budget survey that was delivered to the board