October 2, 2013

The CIC wrapped up its live Education & Recruitment Campaign on September 29th. During the campaign, we tabled at events to talk with people about what the county does, answer their questions, and inform them about opportunities to volunteer and get engaged in decision-making. We were scheduled to attend 10 events throughout Multnomah County beginning August 6th. Sadly, due to severe weather, one event was cancelled and two others were underattended.

The elements were no match for us though!  Approximately 55 people completed forms to get more information about volunteering and 12 people completed applications to join the Citizen Involvement Committee or a Citizen Budget Advisory Committee. Equally important were the meaningful conversations we had with over 160 people about the county and what it does!

Events we attended included:

  • Rockwood National Night
  • Kenton Farmers Market
  • Gresham Farmers Market
  • Hillsdale Farmers Market
  • Volunteer Expo
  • St. Johns Farmers Market
  • King Farmers Market
  • Lents Farmers Market
  • Fun on Foster

Special, special thanks to our wonderful CIC members who tabled during events including Cain Bloomer, Teresa Walton, Sue O'Halloran, Steven Joiner, Scott Mullin, Brian Harvey, Ruby Ramirez, Judy Hadley, Ben Brady and Dara Snyder.

Please contact us if you have additional ideas for meetings or events that you would like us to attend.