July 18, 2010

The Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) of Multnomah County, winner of four national awards, and a Multnomah County Partnership Award recently held its Annual Meeting and election of officers. Brad McLean was elected to a third year as Chair of the Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee. Brad holds a District #3 position on the committee and was nominated for appointment to the CIC by the Portland Business Alliance. 

Others taking up leadership roles for the next year include: B.J. Finleybranch, Vice Chair, (District #2); Todd Barnhart, Secretary, (At-Large); Amy Anderson, Treasurer, (District #1,); and Gary Marschke, Enhanced Recruitment, (District #2).

“As citizens, we elect our county officials every couple of years,” said Brad McLean, continuing CIC Chairperson, “but we also created the citizen-run CIC in order to empower Multnomah County residents to get involved in county processes on an ongoing basis so that we can have a more direct and regular say in the policies and regulations that affect our lives.”

The CIC, which was created by the voters in 1984, is an all-volunteer Board that oversees Multnomah County’s Office of Citizen Involvement and works with county officials, departments, and the community to facilitate and enhance opportunities for citizen participation. The committee is composed of 15 citizen volunteers, 12 from specific geographic districts, and 3 at-large. For more information or to apply for membership contact the Office of Citizen Involvement at 503-988-3450.