August 2, 2011

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners approved its FY 2011-12 budget in June. However, due to state funding reductions, the Board must adjust its budget. The budget readjustment will be adopted on September 15, 2011. County programs and services that are facing state reductions include those provided by the Health Department, Department of Human Services, Department of Community Justice, District Attorney, Sheriff’s Office, and the Commission on Children, Families, and Communities. However, all county programs and services may be affected if the Board is faced with making up lost funds using money already designated for other programs and services.

You can give your input about county services and programs to the Board by taking this brief survey, which is sponsored by the Office of Citizen Involvement. The survey is also available in Spanish by clicking here or on paper by contacting 503-988-3450. The last date to take the survey is Sunday, August 28th. Survey results will be analyzed and delivered to county decision-makers in a format similar to the reports below. These reports are based upon input from the public that were given at the community budget forum that took place on March 3, 2011, and from the online budget survey conducted last spring.  

Additionally, watch this brief video (below) to learn how state and county funding are interrelated and how state reductions could affect county programs. The video includes brief presentations by county officials from the community budget forum. It includes presentations from County Chair Jeff Cogen, Chief Operating Officer Joanne Fuller, and District Attorney Michael Shrunk.

2011 Budget Forum Report

2011 Online Budget Survey Report