November 2, 2011

The new website contains information describing Multnomah County's programs and services, the benefits of being civically engaged, ways people can participate in county decision-making, as well as information about the Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) and how to volunteer. Information about upcoming CIC events and activities will also be featured.

Development of the website began in February 2011, in response to the interest of CIC members to expand outreach efforts with Latino and Spanish-speaking communities. This interest reflected that in 2009, 4.3% or nearly 1 in every 24 Multnomah County residents spoke Spanish and indicated they spoke English less than "very well" (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009 American Community Survey). 

Staffperson Robb Wolfson had also been selected for the county's 2011 Leadership Academy and undertook development of the website as the major project he had to complete for the Academy. Three service providers in the Latino community and numerous bilingual county staff were consulted about the information that should be included on the website.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any suggestions for the website! 

Special thanks goes out to the following people for their contributions to the website:

  • Cynthia Gomez, Latino Network
  • Gloria Wiggins, Catholic Charities
  • Gale Castillo, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
  • Vailey Oehlke
  • Loreen Nichols 
  • Rachel Schiff
  • Sarah Brownstein
  • Guillermo Maciel
  • Rita Jimenez
  • Casey Bieberich
  • Alison Frye
  • Kalissa Canyon-Scopes
  • Linda Castillo
  • Consuelo Saragoza
  • Wayne Scott
  • Stacey Anderson