October 16, 2013

The CIC held its annual workshop at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference on October 15th. More than 90 people attended and many indicated they were able to make connections during a networking session that could lead to new partnerships. The workshop included two presentations and the networking session focused on the benefits of mutually beneficial outreach partnerships, and strategies and tools for forming them. The CIC selected this topic since organizations that create mutually beneficial partnerships are more likely to develop sustainable, long-term relationships that maximize the outreach assets and resources each partner can deliver. The presenters were from Central City Concern and the Portland Community Gardens Program—community organizations that have experience forming mutually beneficial partnerships. Their presentations covered their experiences, best practices, lessons learned and related tools.

"Attend" the workshop by seeing the panelists' Powerpoints (below) and a summary of their major points about forming mutually beneficial partnerships with regard to outreach Summary of tips for forming mutually beneficial partnerships (31.18 KB)

Special thanks to the panelists:

  • Laura Niemi, Program Coordinator of the City of Portland Community Gardens Program
  • Sonja Ervin, Director of Cultural Development for Central City Concern

Additionaly, thanks to CIC members Gary Marschke and Brian Harvey who facilitated the workshop, as well as Teresa Walton, Ben Brady and Cain Bloomer who greeted attendees and answered questions.

You can also learn more about the CIC's Diversity Outreach Workshop Initiative here.

Powerpoints from presentation