May 12, 2014

Moderators NetworkingForty people from the county, non-profits, and other local governments throughout the Portland metro area attended the workshop on Wednesday, February 19th. Khalil Edwards and Peter Dakota-Molof of Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) presented and answered questions for 45 minutes about BRO's experiences and tools and strategies for conducting outreach to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender populations of different races. See the variety of tools and strategies to promote successful outreach including (download below):

  • Show up and listen to the communities and organizations you want to reach first prior to recruiting or seeking participation so you don’t alienate people.
  • Emphasize active, face-to-face outreach with people as much as possible.

You can still "attend" the workshop by watching: a) a video recording of the workshop or b) BRO's slideshow from the workshop.

Most people remained after BRO's presentation to engage in conversations designed to promote new partnerships between attendees. Thanks to CIC members Gary Marschke, Brian Harvey, Ben Brady, Sue O'Halloran, and Ruby Ramirez who worked together to put on the workshop.