May 18, 2012

Over 50 people from Multnomah County and other metro area organizations listened as staff from Central City Concern (CCC) discussed their experience doing outreach to veterans and Latinos. CCC's presentation included descriptions of their best outreach practices and tools, as well as lessons they have learned in the course of doing outreach to diverse populations. A great discussion among presenters and audience members followed CCC's presentation that covered additional ideas for successful outreach.

Special thanks to CCC presenters Kathy Pape, Daniel Garcia, and Jennifer Wilcox. 

Read a short summary of the workshop's major points about conducitng successful outreach. Successful outreach tips (1.12 MB) You can also watch the Powerpoint that CCC presented below.

About Central City Concern:
Founded in 1979, CCC seeks to provide comprehensive solutions to end homelessness and achieve personal self-sufficiency. It uses innovative outcome based strategies that support personal and community transformation, such as direct access to housing, integrated healthcare services for people outside mainstream systems, development of peer relationships to support personal transformation and recovery, and increased income through employment or accessing benefits. CCC operates programs that consistently engage many population groups, including veterans and Latinos.

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CCC Diversity Outreach Powerpoint

Tips for Conducting Successful Outreach