September 16, 2014
Crowd shotDennis Lundgren presentsHeather Brown presentsGlen & Ben checking people inOver 45 people from the county, non-profits, and other local governments throughout the metro area attended the workshop on Wednesday, September 10. Heather Brown of Outside In and Dennis Lundberg of Janus Youth Programs presented and answered questions for over an hour about their experiences and tools and strategies for conducting outreach to homeless youth. See the tools and strategies they presented to promote successful outreach including:
  • Consistency. When interacting with homeless youth, try to convey the same message in the same manner each and every time. Consistent behavior is likely to make them feel safer and behave with less hostility.
  • Respect. The basic tenant for all interactions with youth is respect. We model respect in the little things we do when communicating with each other. Don’t forget the non-verbal ways we communicate. When possible, make eye-level eye contact with the person you are addressing. If they are sitting, crouch to their eye-level when speaking to minimize the power differential.

  • Build trust. Be transparent and articulate about expectations and eligibility criteria, as well as flexible where possible (e.g., offer options and let people make choices)

You can still "attend" the workshop by seeing: a) the rebroadcast on Public Access (times below), b) a summary of the tips presented, or c) the Powerpoint that Outside In presented.

Thanks to CIC members Gary Marschke, Brian Harvey, Ben Brady, and Glen Tyrrell who worked together to put on the workshop.

Public Access rebroadcasts:
Comcast 21 (Frontier 32)
Wednesday   9/17/14    12:30pm
Sunday          9/21/14    3:00pm

Comcast 29 (Frontier 30)
Saturday       9/20/14    12:30pm

Comcast 30 (Frontier 38)
Tuesday        9/23/14   1:30pm
Sunday          9/28/14   2:30pm

Comcast 22 (Frontier 33)
Monday        9/22/14     5:00pm
Friday           9/26/14     8:30pm