May 26, 2011

Between March 21st and May 13th, over 220 people filled out the CIC’s online budget forum survey. The CIC created the survey to provide an avenue for county residents to continue providing input to the Board of County Commissioners as they formulate the budget during this difficult budget year.

The survey consists of two questions similar to those asked at the budget forum. The first asks respondents to rank the county services that are the most important to them and the second asks respondents to describe what features of these services they value the most.

Read the report below!

Analysis of the results showed respondents ranked Mental Health Services, Aging and Senior Services, SUN Schools and Early Childhood Services, Health Clinics, Homeless Services, and Libraries as the services that were the most important to them. Over 560 comments about the features respondents valued the most were received. The comments were analyzed for similarity and classified accordingly into more than 50 categories. Eleven categories stood out as receiving the most comments including:

  • All citizens need health care since healthy citizens lead to healthy communities.
  • Advance literacy, and access to media and information for all citizens.
  • Maintain and upgrade county infrastructure.

A report describing the results has been delivered to county commissioners and department heads for them to consider as they make their final budget decisions.

Surveys are continuing to be submitted. Given the likelihood that the county’s budget will have to be rebalanced in the fall due to upcoming state funding reductions, the survey will remain posted in both English and Spanish and the results analyzed so that county officials can continue to consider them in future budget decisions. 

Online Budget Forum Report