The CIC periodically holds community forums focusing on pressing county issues. The forums seek to communicate important information on issues and/or garner input for county decision-makers to consider as they make decisions. 

In March 2013, the CIC co-hosted the Multnomah County Healthier Future Forum which focused on how proposed state and county changes may affect the county's early childhood and healthcare programs. The changes are intended to improve health and learning outcomes. Over 75 people attended the forum. During the first part, five presenters described proposed changes to the programs. The second part provided attendees opportunities to provide input in response to seven questions about what they valued about these programs as well as concerns they had about the changes. The forum was also accessible byway of public access television and online videos. Additionally, the public could take an online survey and respond to the same questions asked at the forum. See the video as well as the PowerPoints presented at the forum by the Early Learning Council, Health Share, and the county Health Department. 

In February 2012, the CIC co-hosted a Health System Transformation Forum which delivered extensive information to attendees. Nearly 55 attendees heard about why transformation is taking place as well as potential changes to the county's delivery of health care services (i.e., creation of Coordinated Care Organizations in the metro area). Presenters included Sean Kolmer from the Governor's Office, and Joanne Fuller and Vanetta Abdellatif from the county. Attendees also had an opportunity to ask complex questions to the presenters. The materials that were presented during the forum are available below.

Additionally, these resources can give you more information about the county's Health System Transformation:

Oregon Health Authority: Transformation and Oregon's Path Forward

Health Department Overview and Effects of Transformation

Flier showing how reform will improve health care