Multnomah County Volunteer Awards

The Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee each year honors people who have volunteered their time and energy to the county in an outstanding way. Volunteers are nominated for the awards by department directors, program managers, and the county board of commissioners. See the program from the 2013 Volunteer Awards Ceremony on April 30th, which details the outstanding accomplishments of the recipients of the awards noted below 2013 Volunteer Awards Program (1.55 MB) (except the Sy Award).

Gladys McCoy Award

The Gladys McCoy Award is given to a person who has exemplified the life of the late county Chair Gladys McCoy by making major contributions to civil rights, human rights, affirmative action, children and youth, family issues, community, neighborhood, local political party, local government, environmental issues, and/or education. The 2013 McCoy Award winner is Phillip Margolin, who co-founded Chess for Success. Meet Phillip and learn about his inspiring story from flunking student to attorney, best-selling author and difference-maker in the lives of thousands of underprivileged youth. 

Sy Award 

The Sy Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to justice, equality, and obtaining access to the halls of power. The nomination and selection process is open to all personnel, committees, agencies, and departments within county government as well as the community at large.

The man who inspired this award, Sy Kornbrodt, was a a life-long, passionate crusader for the under-represented and under-served, a member of the Multnomah County Education Service District board member, the Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association, and the CIC. He is remembered and respected by the many people who had the opportunity to work with him.

County Department, Council, and Commission Volunteer Awards

The County Department, Council, and Commission Volunteer Awards (CDCCVA) are awarded to individuals nominated by county bodies and partner organizations for their community service.

2013 CDCCVA Winners

Auditor’s Office: David Rhys
Citizen Budget Advisory Committees: Mike Delman, Cliff Womacks, John Potter, Julie Cieloha, Donna Morris, Joe Daunt, David Torrey, Sherry Willmschen, Ron Saroff
Citizen Involvement Committee: Teresa Walton
Commission on Children, Families, and Community: Carmen Butcher
Community Justice: Iris Torres, Mark Oldani, Mary Ellen Colwell, Brenna Walker, Barry Sanders, John Larsen
Community Services: Alexis Anderson, Vicky Bettancourt, Andrey Biryukov, Danielle Calvin, Diane Calvin, Traci Colgrove, Patty Dunmore, Shannan Eisenhauer, Delia Loes, Charlene Peck, Lynice Spangler, Lee Minamik, Blaine Holland, Joe Ohren
District Attorney’s Office: Deb Churnside
Elders in Action: Suzanne Hansche, Terri Thorson, Will Fuller
Health Department: Wendy Shumway, Rosa Hernandez, Mark Goldsby, Cally Kamiya
Human Services Department: Norma Millner, Gloria Brown, Dolores Mays, Anna Kasper
Library Services: Tony Hinxman, Kristin Jackson, Blanche Coon, Dick Pyne, Josephine Hawthorne, Lauren Furnish, Andrea Russell, Jamison  Jouno, Janice Weide Mark Redder, Shannon Moon Leonetti
Regional Arts & Cultural Commission: Max Miller, Jr.
Sheriff's Office: Ransom Sanders