Multnomah County Seal Protect County Safety Net Programs

With a possible State General Fund reduction, vital safety net programs provided by the county need to be protected.

Take Action on Housing and Homelessness

Support just‑cause eviction legislation, providing safety‑net funding for individuals who are required to move due to rent increase, lift the preemption on local government regulation of rent increases and support clearer regulation related to rent increases.

Improve Behavioral Health

Fill the large gaps in mental health service availability and improve the quality of services. Expand funding opportunities to align Substance Use Disorder reimbursement with comparable medical services, create standards of care and expand training opportunities for frontline behavioral health workers, and require private payers to support safety net services.

Targeted State funding and services

Move to target state funding and services towards areas with a high concentration of poverty. Invest in early childhood education to give students social and academic skills to do well in elementary school and beyond.

Fund Public Health Modernization

Expand funding for important public health programs such as communicable diseases prevention, emergency preparedness, environmental health, and equity.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Increase funding for Permanent Supportive Housing, including re‑entry housing from jail, the Oregon State Hospital, and residential Substance Use Disorder treatment.

Important issues 

  • Strengthen efforts to reduce opioid crisis addiction ‑‑ including pharmacy drug and sharps take back.
  • Expand funding for educators in youth detention facilities.
  • Sentencing reform for youth convicted of Measure 11 offenses.
  • Expand regulation of tobacco sales to curb youth use, including increased taxes and flavor bans.
  • Protect Oregonians from toxins in the air and water.
  • Protect health care access for children and all Oregonians.
  • Fight poverty with jobs, training and needed services.
  • Shift public safety funds from expensive incarceration to effective supervision.
  • Improve efforts to fight climate change, reduce carbon emissions and create clean energy jobs.
  • Update County Assessment protocol and tax supervising district.
  • Support a statewide paid family leave policy.
  • Increasing fairness and modernizing property tax system.
  • Statewide and local solutions for funding the replacement and repair of the old levee system.
  • Record expungement for past marijuana citations and violations.