The Task Force will be making decisions based on the recommendations from four work groups comprised of subject matter and technical experts. These groups meet monthly for 2-4 hours.

Program Policy 

Areas of Focus:

  • Program model structure

  • Enrollment

  • Collaboration with families

  • Health and safety

  • Instructional standards, curriculum and assessments

  • Broader policy context

  • Implementation


Areas of Focus:

  • Professional development needs and career pathways

  • Support for teachers and staff

  • Teacher qualifications and compensation


Areas of Focus:

  • Gap between current and needed classroom space

  • Creative opportunities and partnerships to provide additional early learning facilities

  • Early learning center facilities needs and cost

Financing Strategy & Administration

Areas of Focus:

  • Cost models

  • Phase-in options

  • How to access and layer existing funding with potential new funding

  • Needed capabilities of an administrative organization

Multnomah County has contracted with EcoNW to provide background information that will be foundational to the work of the Task Force and Work Groups. This includes analysis of population estimates, workforce data, cost models and similar preschool expansion efforts across the country.