Volunteers sought for Sauvie Island/Multnomah Channel community advisory committee

Multnomah County seeks volunteers for a new Community Advisory Committee that will help inform decision making for an update to the Sauvie Island/Multnomah Channel Rural Area Plan and Transportation System Plan. The plans will inform area policies, zoning code updates and transportation improvements for a 20 plus year planning horizon.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will include community stakeholders representing a variety of interests and viewpoints. CAC members will provide representation for county residents and stakeholders who may be affected by the land use and transportation planning effort. Community input is a key value for Multnomah County leaders in helping to shape and inform decisions. Community Advisory Committee members will be expected to represent the interests of their area or group independent of personal views, and seek input on issues as they arise in the process.

The planning effort is in response to a scoping effort completed in the spring of 2013 that resulted in a recommendation to update the plans (see https://multco.us/simc-planning). The CAC will be involved in a variety of topics including but not limited to, promotional activities and events on Exclusive Farm Use lands, agri-tourism, permitting at moorages and marinas, traffic and roads, bike facilities, recreation, wildlife and habitat protections, and outdoor mass gatherings. Policy choices will be made within the context of existing state, federal, and county policies, laws and initiatives.

A limited number of seats on the committee are available. County staff will begin reviewing applications after August 16th and contact interested parties soon after. An application form is located online and more information about the project is available at https://multco.us/simc-planning. Individuals interested in serving should complete and submit the form by 4:00 p.m., August 16, 2013. The project is expected to run for 10 months with a goal of being completed by June 2014.   


Kevin Cook, Planner

Multnomah County Land Use and Transportation Program

1600 SE 190th Avenue

Portland, OR 97233-5910

503-988-3043 ext 26782



Joanna Valencia, AICP

Senior Transportation Planner

Multnomah County Land Use and Transportation Program

1600 SE 190th Avenue

Portland, OR 97233-5910

503-988-3043 ext 29637



Joanna Valencia, Transportation Planner, 503-988-3043 Ext. 29637, joanna.valencia@multco.us

Kevin Cook, Land Use Planner, 503-988-3043 Ext. 26782, kevin.c.cook@multco.us