UPDATE May 18, 2020

Mom holding toddler who is getting an immunization in his leg. Multnomah County is committed to the health and safety of our patients and staff. We are working to provide services in agreement with the Governor’s recent announcements.

We continue to provide telemedicine -- having an appointment by phone -- and are increasing our in-person visits for both Medical and Dental services. This now includes well visits and immunizations for our clients under the age of 19. We are open and here to provide care for you! Call 503-988-5558.

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How Telemedicine Works

  • Your doctor, nurse or dentist will call you to confirm whether your next appointment will be by phone or in-person.
  • For a phone appointment, they will then call you at your scheduled time.
  • During your phone appointment, they will decide if you need an in-person visit.
  • If you do need an in-person visit and you have an active cough or fever, you will be asked to wear a mask as soon as you arrive.

Primary Care

These clinics are open, with appointments provided by telemedicine and in person. Call 503-988-5558 for an appointment.

  • East County Health Center
  • Mid County Health Center
  • Northeast Health Center
  • Health Services Center

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Student Health Centers

Parkrose Student Health Center is open, with most medical appointments provided by telemedicine whenever possible. Call 503-988-3392 for an appointment.


The East County Dental Clinic is open for urgent dental care only. Examples include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Serious injury to the face that damages your teeth, gums or the bones in your face
  • Swelling in your mouth or gums

All routine or non-urgent dental appointments, such as dental cleaning, will be rescheduled. We are also offering teledentistry where you can connect with your dentist by phone.

To make an appointment call your home dental clinic. New patients should call 503-988-5558.


Open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at all locations.

Curbside delivery is available if requested. Please call at least 1 hour ahead and again once you arrive to pick up medications. Medication delivery services, including mail, may be available to patients who meet specific needs.